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Businesses are grounded in their communities – from the staff who work for them, to the customers who pay them.


A healthy business can’t exist without a healthy community. So being able to contribute your expertise for a worthwhile local project is kind of a no-brainer. At least that’s according to Bevan Wood and his team at NZCCL.





While water safety is a particular interest of mine, I’m always keen to be part of worthwhile community projects
Bevan Wood, Owner & Director, NZCCL

Local entrepreneur build State-of-the-art

When local entrepreneur Scott Bartlett was looking to build a new state-of-the-art pool complex for his swim school, he went straight to NZCCL. As a keen surfer and father, Scott is passionate about water safety and supporting swimmers. 




My work is my legacy and that’s more than just making money, it’s helping to create spaces where people can grow and thrive
Bevan Wood, Owner & Director, NZCCL

Ever built from scratch? Exciting challenge

It was an exciting challenge – how many times do you get to build a public swimming pool from scratch?

Bevan was determined to build the best design for his community, and about the only thing that didn’t change as the project progressed from concept to construction was the original budget of $1.5 million.







We had an immovable timeline and gave Bevan some very specific goals and targets to achieve, and true to his word, he went away and absolutely nailed each one.
Scott Bartlett, Owner & Director, Bartletts Swim School

Suitable for their site Fact-finding mission

This was despite an early fact-finding mission which led them to pursue a stainless-steel solution until it was determined that this would not be suitable for their site. The switch to using concrete meant Bevan had to completely redesign the building. The upfront plans and drawings which Bevan, as a skilled draughtsperson is able to complete himself, were done free of charge.







Bartlett's airtightness specifications Request a free copy of technical specifications

Request your copy

The project called for some unique technical specifications in order to prevent excessive moisture penetration, which leads to corrosion.

NZCCL needed to ensure the building was energy efficient in what is predominantly a wet environment, while at the same time finding a way to remove condensation through heat recovery. Special materials were also sourced, such as the customised coating system that was applied to the concrete plinths in order to protect them from long term corrosion. 


Say hello and request a free copy of Bartlett's airtightness specifications directly from Bevan.


Restricted time frame Completed to need

The Bartlett’s pool complex consists of two pools that are both 25 metres long and changing rooms. The entire project was completed in June 2017 and ran to a strict schedule that had been agreed to with Sport Bay of Plenty. As you might expect, not only did this please the local children who’d been hanging out for a new swimming pool and their parents who wanted them to have a great facility to learn to swim in - the owner Scott Bartlett was pretty chuffed too.







Bevan was always easy to reach and his entire team had a refreshing can-do attitude. We knew we were in safe hands, and we received an excellent follow up service, too
Scott Bartlett, Owner & Director, Bartletts Swim School

Key Statistics

  • $1.409748m project 
  • 0.16343hectare site 
  • 499.2m3 site excavation and gravel raft 
  • 164.5m3 of concrete poured  
  • 691.3m2 floor area 
  • 6 months from breaking ground to operational 
  • 13.96 Tonnes of Structural Steel

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