A new dimension of sophistication and service Investment lifestyle

NZCCL's multidisciplinary workforce understands the industry and current design trends. Working together with us and our highly-experienced specialist network will provide you unmatched commercial construction in the $2-30 million range.


In Bevan's own words: "we have the best team to transform your concept into reality". 


"Anyone who has worked with me will know I'm passionately hands-on with each and every project. When you build with NZCCL expect to talk with me. Expect my regular phone calls. Commercial construction is a substantial investment, therefore, I'm unapologetic for keeping you informed throughout." 

We know we're not the least expensive, however, we will always save you money — or better still — make you money. We wont compete on price. Why? Simple really — we've given you the lowest accurate price that covers every contingency from the beginning. We'll guarantee we'll stick to our price 100% of the time without variation.  




People Come First Step One


What type of building do you want? With more choice than ever, advanced engineering has become the great enabler.

Knowing 'who' is the 'best choice' for delivering your construction project is fundamental. Our expertise on practicality, future-proofing and ensuring regulatory compliance are important factors. 

The best ideas come from practical experimentation linked to vision. We approach your project with a pioneering spirit that when applied with confident experience, precision and creative flair can overcome any perceived limitations. Together we will take your project beyond the average  to the next level.

Every one of our designs is individual because it's built around the unique aspirations of you the owner. Your wishes are central every step of the way. We can’t imagine how it could be achieved any differently.





A successful, on-time, on-budget design-build project overseen by one person — Bevan. He adds value to your investment.
Rob Spence, QS to Villa Maria, 2018

Genuine design to a detailed and transparent pricing Step Two

You're wanting a considered building, designed and constructed to stand the test of time. NZCCL buildings go beyond trends and fads which come and go. We'll only take your project when we have complete confidence to deliver you a unique outcome.


We stay relevant. We recognise that new standards of construction are constantly being established and that responsibility, sustainability and character are increasingly important. Beautiful things possess a harmonious balance between form and function, performance and aesthetics. Harmony is at the centre of every commercial building we create. The whole must always be greater than the sum of its parts.

Calculating the price of any project with absolute confidence requires a skilled and experienced quantity surveyor who will account for as many factors as necessary — including such things as market conditions — to create you an accurate proposal. Bevan is an experienced quantity surveyor that knows your project within the context of the market is important. Bevan's commercial construction business intelligence makes a big difference to your return on your investment.





… attention to detail and clear communication throughout exhibited by NZCCL made our project run very smoothly and proved to be a positive experience.
John Foley, Villa Maria, 2018

Beautifully crafted build — all the contacts and tools you need Step Three

Our New Build Guide

We eliminate waste and pursue perfection to deliver the highest attention to all aspects of your commercial building — from design and decor details, to technical improvements, to landscaping.

Total attention to detail separates us. For a commercial building to be beautiful, it needs to come from the best of processes with high levels of productive efficiency. We are proud to claim an unrivalled industry construction process derived from our considerable sector experience. 


At the design stage, our engineer works closely with the foreman and architect to ensure that designs meet the appropriate technical and legal requirements. It is our role to represent your vision and interests throughout and to consult closely with you where any changes are required in order to comply with the complexities of commercial design. The NZCCL team is regularly in dialogue with governing regulatory bodies, constantly questioning and testing the best compliance solutions.

We use the latest and best technology and technical tools to achieve results for you. Our in-house technologies are continually audited to ensure they are up-to-date. As a result, we utilise the latest technological tools to enhance our capacity to deliver you exceptional projects on time.

We keep abreast of new developments in design, construction processes, materials and technologies to ensure we are equipped to provide you with the most desired commercial buildings.


… not only was it built in accordance with the specified high standards but Bevan also seemed to take ownership of and pride in the project
John Foley, Villa Maria , 2018

Clear reporting every step of the way Large on Transparency

Our Team

Let’s be open from the start. We’re big on transparency. We price everything — right down to the screws. You receive a fixed price, and we stick to it.

You want proof — not a problem. We will take you through your project until you’re convinced. We maintain low overheads. You can be assured you’re getting a dedicated team with a wealth of skills and expertise without shelling out for any hidden costs.

Leading our dedicated team is our foreman Aaron who has extensive knowledge of building and the builders’ in the industry. Aaron's decades of experience, coupled with Bevan’s wealth of quantity surveying experience, enable us to accurately negotiate the contracts and monitor each specific stage of the construction whilst still working hand-in-hand with you, your architect, your designer and your engineer.

Let's be clear — Bevan will be your dedicated project supervisor — Aaron will be your representative on site and ensure that everything is built to your exact requirements.

Your wishes are at the centre of every step Step Four

Throughout the construction phase, the NZCCL construction team will advise you on scheduling, supervise the build, accompany your on-site visits, provide regular progress reports, and review and approve the resources on your behalf.

Aaron, NZCCL's trusted and experienced foreman, assembles his team. He remains on hand to resolve any technical difficulties with the design or build, including managing any changes to the specification that may arise, for example, changes to relevant regulations.

Our fanatical attention to detail and obsession with quality is expressed in every centimetre of a NZCCL commercial construction. It is demonstrated by the combination of the finest tradition and craftsmanship, with the latest technology.
Even the furnishings and accessories convey excellence and definition. We combine the use of top quality raw materials with the finest craftsmanship to obtain excellent aesthetic and functional resultsWith our in-house engineer, we are able to complement the build-sites own resources at any time to help reduce the risk of delays to the build. And, for your peace of mind, overseeing the entire project is Surveyor, Project Supervisor and NZCCL Owner and Director, Bevan.


His role is to ensure the integrity and quality of the build from start to finish, Bevan is the owners representative on site
Brad Marlow, 2018


Landscaping and interior design, general arrangements, detailing of joinery, selection of colours, materials and finishes. All come together to appropriately convey the property concept and to meet functional, maintenance, lifecycle performance, environmental and safety requirements including ergonomic consideration and assessment of traffic flow for full space utilisation.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't have to be grey on grey. All our fit-outs are carried out by expert craftsmen using luxurious and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your every need is met with the minimum of fuss. This includes power and communications locations, ceiling plans, lighting design, material finishes and even furniture layouts. We excel at taking extra care when it comes to the choice of colour and wall coverings which all adds to the overall feeling of spaciousness.

Landscape designers produce the most from the available space making what feels small appear larger. Our landscape specialist will provide design development and analysis of your brief and requirements, compiled together with comprehensive plans and associated schemes.


What's the difference? Step Seven

Want to know more?

Constant improvement for the benefit of our clients is the hallmark of our commercial construction approach, and we involve you as an active participant in the process of reflective review.

The primary goal is always to deliver the finished property to you on time and on budget. However, that does not sum up all the parts that occur in your build. Quite simply the overlap of interest, expertise and responsibility all contribute to your project's success.

Remaining friends with us for life is important, therefore we'll want to know how we could have improved your experience.

When we hand over the keys we're going to ask you about: 

  • Accountability
  • Continuity
  • Cost
  • Communication
  • Involvement
  • Expertise
  • Timing


The story doesn't end there. Owners, investors, contractors and builders all continue to provide us valuable feedback that benefits the next new build project and the one after that. We are always reaching out for feedback to improve our service. We are that interested.



Have you considered all the options?


In short, your budgetary and detailed cost benefits for working with us:

  1. One person point of communication, responsibility and accountability

  2. Single management of contracts, vendors, or invoices

  3. Your upfront full understanding of deliverable price certainty

  4. Design services included in the design-construction contract

  5. Turnkey, time-benefiting design to construction process

  6. Expedited project start and delivery date mitigating escalation and rising cost

  7. Proven, high-quality results, with minimal risk to you, the investor

  8. Costly errors and omissions are eliminated

Already done your pricing? Why waste money if there may be a better option?

Let us put a case together for you on how we can give you a return on your investment. 

No obligation. Pick up your phone and let's have a conversation. Bevan: 021954487




Ringing Bevan for a chat gave me the edge I needed
Len Helms, Golden Homes, 2018