NZCCL ask "Why?", "How might we...?" and "What if...?" A wider perspective

Finding unique, out of the box solutions to construction challenges is what Company Director Bevan Wood and his team at New Zealand Commercial Construction Limited (NZCCL) do best.
Portside Industrial Park, a recent project in Mt Maunganui required an innovative approach to solving what would have been a costly problem for the client. NZCCL constructed 20 industrial units, which was going to require digging down 2.6 metres on the neighbouring boundary and recompact or replace unsuitable material. Instead, the team at NZCCL came up with an alternative solution that not only saved their client over $100,000, but also was of huge benefit to the neighbouring business.
  • $3.475m project 
  • 0.4059-hectare site 
  • 2721msite excavation and gravel raft 
  • 459m3 of concrete poured  
  • 2038mfloor area 
  • 10 months from breaking ground to operational  
  • 52.33 Tonnes of Structural Steel

Solutions are what count Ideas are cheap

Normally we would have had to install sheet piling or a palisade retaining wall,” explains Bevan.
“Instead we went to the neighbour and suggested putting a new vehicle crossing in for them, which meant they no longer had to have heavy goods vehicles driving across the front of their office.
The new vehicle crossing meant that the 30 tonne B trains no longer had to swing wide to manoeuvre around the front corner of the building. This hugely benefited their business as they could then just drive up the side of their building (with no health and safety issues) and meant we could excavate and re-compact without needing a retaining wall. We were able to fence off and keep the trucks well away from the excavation face, creating a safe working zone for our workers and subcontractors for the duration of the project.”

Innovative and Creative strategy NZCCL think laterally

It is this kind of expertise on practicality, which NZCCL bring to every project. “Constant improvement for the benefit of our clients is the hallmark of NZCCL’s commercial construction approach,” says Bevan.
“Finding a creative, future-proofed solution, that meets regularity compliance, is what sets us apart. The best ideas come from practical experimentation, linked to a clear vision, and we know our clients want a considered building, designed and constructed to stand the test of time, which fits into their budget.”

Accountability for variable factors Absolute confidence

The client for the Portside Industrial park project, which started in February 2019 and completed by November, provided the plans to NZCCL who then assisted with engineering and pricing before completing the construction.
As an experienced quantity surveyor by trade, Bevan knows that accurately calculating the price of any project with absolute confidence and accounting for as many variable factors as necessary requires skill and experience.
“It’s our construction business intelligence which allows us to successfully solve challenges, like Portside Industrial Park, which benefit our clients and are accurate in price, the first time,” says Bevan.

Start your premium build

Based in Tauranga, NZCCL was formed by Bevan in 2012. The company largely completes projects in the upper North Island but also further afield, including in the South Island project dependent.​
Bevan says that typically NZCCL likes to get involved early in projects and complete ‘design-build’ contracts as this is where they can add the most value. “This allows us to take control of a project from the outset, making our clients unique design aspirations become reality. We add value by offering a multi-disciplinary workforce who is experienced in understanding the industry and current design trends, ensuring a project meets budget.”
NZCCL focuses on key projects rather than trying to spread itself too thin and Bevan says this means greater control over quality and timing of projects. Coupled with no layers of middle management or overheads, it has been a recipe for success. Since completing Portside Industrial Park, NZCCL is now working on completing drawings for another project for the same client. Bevan says that it is this on-going work, and word of mouth recommendations, that is proof that the experienced team at NZCCL deliver premium commercial builds, that exceed clients’ expectations.

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