Years of industry experience On Solid Ground

It’s true that you get what you pay for. Cheap land, for example, can end up being quite expensive to build on if the soil quality is poor.

That was the situation facing Kiwi Bus Builders Ltd who, when they embarked on a project to build a new manufacturing plant, alongside their existing main facility, found there were no tender applicants able to provide an engineered solution to build on ground consisting of peat-based soil.

With years of industry experience behind them, Bevan Wood and the team at NZCCL were able to land on a solution that was favourable to the client and the nature of the project. Bevan and his team proposed building a foundation that is similar to double ‘Tee’ beams on bridges. Essentially it was a set of seven ‘ribs’ that stabilised the ground and enabled a comprehensive, multi-purpose structure to be built on top of it.





Being able to trust NZCCL to manage the entire project was invaluable, because we were busy running our own business.
Richard Drummond, Owner, Kiwi Bus Builders

Beating the anticipated $650K Solution completed for $83K

Our Tailored H&S

In addition to solving the foundation issue, Bevan’s approach proved incredibly cost-effective, with the smart solution being completed for $83,000 – well under the $650,000 Kiwi Bus Builders had thought they might be up for. It meant that they could keep the cost of the entire project to $2.45 million, which was well within the budget.

What’s more, Bevan and the team just got on with the job, taking care of every aspect of the project so that Kiwi Bus Builders could focus on their own business. This is possible because NZCCL has custom-built solutions that enable it to manage sites effectively. For example, it’s tailored in-house health and safety software continually tracks, reports on, and analyses each job, ensuring costly errors are avoided and downtime is avoided.




The fact Bevan was referred to us by multiple sources, including financial, also spoke volumes
Richard Drummond, Kiwi Bus Builders, Owner

Innovation behind his foundation Incredible

The multipurpose building has since been sold by Kiwi Bus Builders at a substantial profit, and NZCCL has been called in to make changes for the new owners. Surely the ultimate test of a building’s quality is that it not only endures but increases in value over time, making clients like Richard Drummond very happy indeed.






Bevan helped us turn a major problem into a cost-effective solution - the innovation behind his foundation was incredible. We received a bigger and better building (for a fraction of the originally quoted cost) that had a LOT of interest when recently up for sale
Richard Drummond, Kiwi Bus Builders , Owner

Key Stats

  • $2.317m project 
  • 7760-hectare site 
  • 3451m3 site excavation and gravel raft 
  • 903m3 of concrete poured 
  • 2323.17m2 floor area 
  • 10 months from breaking ground to operational 
  • Structural Steel 83.40 T


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