Everyone's benefit Processes improve

Rules are made, conventions are followed, and before long everyone forgets that processes are not set in stone. Just because something has been done a particular way for some time, does not mean it can’t be questioned and the process improved for everyone’s benefit.






Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the Golden Homes development at Hewletts Road, in one of Tauranga’s most valuable locations. Running through the middle of the site is a diagonal drain that had the potential to disrupt the entire project. The prevailing view of the regulations was that it could not be built over and that the manufacturing building would need to be split into two parts to accommodate the drain.






Building integrity No interruption

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This was likely to cost the client an additional $76,500 on a $3 million project, interrupt the integrity of the building’s function and design, and significantly reduce its footprint by by 165.25m² -  negatively impacting the financial return from the development by as much as $400,000.*

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63HewlettsRDPipeBridge Plans Page 3

In the opinion of Preston, Rowe, Paterson, International Property Consultants, an indicative rental value of the large warehouse at 63 Hewletts Road would be within the range of $100/m² - $120/m². Yields along Hewletts Road dependant on various attributes generally reflect a range of 5.0% - 6.0% with exceptions. (April 2019)




Finding a way forward Roadblocks overcome

As one of New Zealand’s leading developers, Golden Homes builds up to 1000 homes per year and is fiercely protective of its reputation for building fine, solid houses that will serve generations of Kiwis. It is not interested in taking shortcuts, so when faced with this major roadblock during construction, it was pleased to find that Bevan Wood and his team at NZCCL were up to the task of finding a way forward.







Bevan is the type of guy you want on your side when dealing with a complicated project. He’s flexible, original and fresh in his approach, and always has your best interests at heart.
Len Helms, Golden Homes Owner & Director, 2018

We brought the engineer Technical Solution

An encyclopaedic knowledge of the building code, decades of experience in construction, and a willingness to go into bat with the client meant a solution was soon arrived at.






It was such a prime site that I couldn’t bear to see it split in two. We proposed the construction of a pipe bridge for $24,900
Bevan Wood, Owner and Director, NZCCL

Green Light Demonstrating

The key to convincing the Tauranga District Council to green light the solution was demonstrating it had been used in projects in Auckland and Rotorua.






We completely understand and respect the Council’s role in ensuring compliance, and we wholeheartedly endorse their caution. So, it was hugely satisfying to come up with a robust solution that was fully compliant and to show it had been applied successfully elsewhere
Bevan Wood, Owner & Director, NZCCL

In on budget Integrity

With this roadblock overcome, not only was integrity of the building saved but the project came in on budget. When Bevan and the team set a price for a job, they do everything they can to stick to it. In this case it took tenacity, knowledge and innovative thinking to get the job done.






Clients like Len Helms - whom Bevan has worked with for decades - know this and that’s why they return time and again.






As the owner of Golden Homes, I’ve got a pretty good eye for how much things cost. I have no doubt in my mind that Bevan and his team are the best there is when it comes to delivering a top-quality product for great value
Len Helms, Golden Homes Owner & Director, 2018

Key Stats



  • $3 million project
  • $50,000 saving to client
  • 176m2 increase in building dimensions
  • xx site
  • xx site excavation and gravel raft
  • xx of concrete poured
  • xx tonnes of reinforce steel
  • xx floor area
  • xx months from breaking ground to operational




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