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The clients had procured the site in Tauriko, Tauranga and were seeking a reliable and trustworthy company to complete the design and build for their new location. “The client had a specific brief and after we had been highly recommended to them, they reached out to us. We completed a competitive tender process alongside three other commercial building companies, and successfully won the project,” explains Bevan. 


As Managing Director, Bevan personally sat down with the client, and worked through the entire brief together. “The clients, who also had a building background, were well researched with intimate knowledge of their industry. They had a very clear idea of the limitations of the site, which made the design process easier. We worked through exactly what they wanted; everything from loading dock locations to specific washroom plant details. This is something that sets NZCCL apart from other commercial construction companies; you personally deal with Bevan for every aspect of your project. From design, to pricing, to build, Bevan is a complete ‘one-stop shop’ contact and there is no intermediary. 







Innovative building Shrewd and pioneering

This was a unique build for NZCCL who were tasked with designing a building that would fit over a new, state of the art, large-scale washroom plant. The client was working out of two different premises, across town from one another, and needed to amalgamate into a centralised operation to streamline and create efficiencies in their infrastructure. After a global search, they decided to adopt the very latest in laundry technology worldwide and installed a Jensen Australia Laundry System, who are new to the New Zealand market. “We needed to design a building to fit over one of the most modern, advanced, fully integrated and automated washroom plants in the southern hemisphere,” says Bevan.  


NZCCL worked remotely with the material-handling specialists from Jensen Group Australia, exchanging information back and forth to ensure that the building was going to be fit for purpose for the plant. Using drawing software, 3D –IFC models and 2D layouts were created to specifically design all of the washroom operation locations within the building to ensure that everything would fit within the building envelope, with pinpoint accuracy. This included various functions such as soiled linen handling and sorting systems, loading devices, tunnel washers, washer extractors,  presses, centrifugal extractors, dyers, and clean linen handling and sorting systems. “We needed to make sure that all of the various pits, open drains and hidden services were all placed exactly in the correct location, and working directly with the manufacturing supplier enabled us to do this. There was also the degree of manual checking required due to the size of the building and the level of accuracy required, so we engaged a surveyor to mark out the pits,” explains Bevan. 


Additionally, the building superstructure had to be designed to take the load of the overhead material handling systems. “We were able to strategically locate columns and foundations, as required, to reduce the main steel member sizes and keep the project on a budget, as the design evolved and changed throughout the design process.” These columns also proved multifaceted as they were able to be used to support services from the overhead systems to various other plant locations. 


While the building needed to make an efficient use of space for the scale of the plant and accommodate offices, it also needed to cater for some atypical provisions from other buildings,  which resulted in NZCCL developing some clever design features. “We had to be divergent with our design and consider aspects such as the accumulation of lint or birds getting inside the roof. We incorporated design features such as toe-to-toe purlins bolted together and a Kingspan insulated roof system, which is flat underside with no gap so lint could not build up on top of the purlins in the otherwise roof rib space. The underside of the canopy roof is also lined to prevent birds perching and spoiling of laundry goods,” says Bevan. 

Standing test of business growth and change Future proofed breakthrough

Not only did NZCCL make distinctive building design features for the laundry itself, they have also future proofed the building with provisions for resolving potential challenges and catering for further business growth. This type of planning and execution is something that made NZCCL stand out against their competitors.  

“We made sure we built a very adaptable building going forward. If the fans do not remove lint as they should and there is a build-up, the steel girts are positioned in a way that the building can be easily clad on the inside face. We also only needed to have one fire cell but we have gone ahead and fire collared all of the penetrations to the office spaces so that if the building use ever needed to change we have future-proofed it by simply replacing two doors with fire doors, which has created separate fire cells between upstairs and downstairs” says Bevan. 

 “Future growth was a big consideration for us. Floor drains and ironer pits were installed to allow for the tripling of capacity for the plant going forward. We also built a bigger building than what the client needed right now by foreseeing their current rate of expansion and designing a speed wall (a removable fire-rated wall) to enable the laundry to grow into the space next door which the owners have currently tenanted out”. 






Noted, above and beyond Authentic and genuine

When the client chose to work with NZCCL, they were getting one of the best-respected and trusted commercial construction companies with the local council. It was the established networks that Bevan has with council that played a significant role in the success of this project. “Right near completion of the project, we were able to put the systems in place to enable the clients to do the R & D and to test the laundry to ensure everything was safe, and satisfy council before the building was fully completed,” says Bevan. Its things like this that set NZCCL apart from their competitors, Bevan and his team will go above-and-beyond to help their clients. So much so, that even though the build and NZCCL’s involvement was completed in November 2019, Bevan is still assisting the clients and helping them out with some further building work and council compliance. 





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