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Rhythmic, tight, and beautifully designed, through retaining some of the basic elements of a warehouse. The Flip Out Gym structure is focused, structured, and more cost-aware than ever before.



Key Stats

  • $1.828166*m project 
  • •3676-hectare site 
  • 2166m3 site excavation and gravel raft 
  • 301.4m3 of concrete poured 
  • 1829.74m2 floor area 
  • 8 months from breaking ground to operational 
  • Structural Steel 34 T


This build embodies the true spirit of cost-effective design, with budget left towards impressive LED lighting. 







Bevan's easy to deal with, honest and strictly focussed love of construction, was wonderfully managed from start to finish.
Regan Simpson, Managing Director, Multi Services Solutions Group

Planning Individual Warehouses Design and Capacity

What activities will take place in your warehouse? What are the characteristics of your products? Will your operation comprise intake, storage, picking, packing, dispatch, or will you need areas set aside to perform value-added services?

Let's consider some principles adopted in warehouse design:

  • Using the cube. We ensured that vertical space was fully utilised as well as maximising ground-level square meters.
  • Maintaining flexibility in operation and layout. We develop a layout that is flexible and scalable. Planning for unknown future changes to the 'business model' is a necessity in commercial design and build to avoid unnecessary costs, if making unplanned changes to the facility and structure
  • Minimising congestion with smooth access flow. Overcrowding at distribution points results in time lost. Delays significantly lower your bottom line. We know if distribution points are catered for, much of the rest of the operation will run effectively, improving your return on investment.
  • Minimising walking time. More than half of the total labour time you pay for is spent walking. Any design layout to reduce walking distance and time will pay off in reduced labour costs. 
  • Having enough access doors. Investing in sufficient doors for inbound and outbound use is relatively small compared to the impact of not having enough doors, or doors large enough and potentially slowing down future operation. 
  • Providing adequate lighting levels. Always considered for the type function to be performed. We know processes requiring detailed inspection should have a higher light level than a bulk storage zone aimed at distribution. Lighting design to need is crucial. 

and so much more 





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There is much to consider with your warehouse layout. Structural and capacity requirements are directly influenced by important factors of flow, accessibility, and space balanced to enable the demand for volume passing through within specified time parameters.

Similarly, if you maintain a number of warehouses across multiple locations, then the flow through your inbound and outbound supply chain has to be carefully considered.


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