Our Promise Unrivalled Aspiration

Do you remember the last time you had an unpleasant experience with a service? They failed to live up to their sales pitch. We have all been on the receiving end, and it’s frustrating. We keep that at the forefront of our minds, and we are in business to serve you — not the other way around. Our promise to you is to provide outstanding service as:

  • We are accessible

  • We always respond in a timely manner

  • We listen to what you have to say

  • We treat you with respect

  • We may not always agree, although we may justify

  • We honour our commitments

  • We do what we say

  • We are committed to relationships — not sales

  • We admit when we make a mistake

  • We train our staff


At New Zealand Commercial Construction Ltd (NZCCL) we do what we say we will. We have built our reputation on strong client relationships and a can-do attitude. While contracts may be necessary in today’s world, goodwill is essential. We combine traditional 'handshake' values with modern technology to achieve the best possible results. 





Bevan is about making the impossible possible. No challenge is unsurmountable – he just makes things happen without costing the earth
Sir George Fistonich, Villa Maria, 2018


When your presence is noted, your reputation is not far behind.

Our reputation is based on always making informed decisions based on proven performance and expertise, goals, budgets and timeframes that follow a clear path with defined parameters. All rather easy claims — much more difficult to honour. We make our claims as our promise to reflect well on us.

Why make such claims? We turn the mirror back on ourselves and stick to a set of principles internally. With us, we respect a "promise is a promise". Promises are not on a sliding scale. If we can’t make a promise, we won't make it. Some believe not keeping a small promise won't matter. That’s simply not true. When promises are broken or people are misled, the bonds of trust are breached — regardless of the size. What do you think? Are companies too casual about making promises and not upholding them? I will uphold my promises. We will uphold our promises. We want you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from choosing theNZCCL promise.



NZCCL removes any confusion around a project. They gave us a solid understanding of the investment, what is being delivered, and when.
Scott Bartlett, Bartlett Swim School, Papamoa

Expectations exceeded Mission

In the business of commercial construction, we listen to you to construct your commercial success.

We pledge to:

  • Details. Deliver what we say we will do, with respect to quality, time, and budget — the first time, every time


  • Details. Provide the highest quality design-to-completion services to increase value through continuous improvement and innovation


  • Integrity. Proactively establish honest ‘can-do' long-term reciprocal 'trust' relationships formed on sustainable and measurable results


  • Your Schedule. Recruit, train, and retain the industry's best staff to make informed, skilled and time efficient solutions for even the most complex projects






Uncompromising Removing your Risk

Meet Our Team

What you build is your legacy. Together we will be part of New Zealand’s leading commercial construction story. We specialise in end-to-end industrial and commercial developments – from concept through to construction. You enjoy the high yields from planned, consistent and completed projects, with a clear design purpose in mind.


Expert knowledge fused with a professional attitude, approachability and reliability, NZCCL has quality staff who deliver success. Why do you care? Simply it's about consistency. We know it’s one thing to deliver good service to one client, yet quite another to achieve this with regular consistency. However, it's exactly the kind of consistency that we know you'll demand—and we're up for that.

Why is consistency important for you?

  • Interaction - we have clear policies, rules, and supporting mechanisms to ensure consistency during each and every interaction, and we live by them

  • Connection - let's not beat around the bush—like Albatross, we're going to be mates for life. Our meaningful connection builds our mutual trust

  • Communication - it's more than promises made and promises kept—we're big on your return and your referral






It's all about trust - 100 percent. Every time. You can trust our ability to design and lock down a fixed-price contract, and to deliver an accurate solution, eliminating the unknown and removing your risk.
Bevan Wood, 2018

Constructing the Future Growth

Looking to the future, as Bay of Plenty's leading commercial construction business provider, we will adhere to the following ideals:

  • Live our company values

  • Exceed our clients’ expectations

  • Create and ensure safe working environments

  • Cultivate, educate, and retain the industry’s best staff

  • Use the most technologically advanced techniques, equipment, and processes

  • Build long-term relationships with clients, partners, subcontractors, sub-consultants, vendors, regulatory authorities and employees

  • Serve as good stewards of the earth by employing environmentally safe and sound procedures

  • Give back to the communities in which we live and work by participating in local volunteer and civic programmes

  • Honour and respect the human story behind every project






Founder and owner Bevan Wood is at the helm of every project Personalised approach


Bevan leads an experienced and passionate crew. With equal measures of smart thinking and a friendly approach, you know that your build is in safe hands. Bevan has over two decades of building expertise. With the added advantage of being a quantity surveyor, Bevan has the unique ability to take control of the design.

From the largest deals to the smallest details, nothing happens by chance. We are fully committed to our clients’ success, we hold steadfast to our core values, delivering projects with transparency, honesty and authenticity to ensure exceptional results.

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Which is why we commissioned Bevan for a further four commercial buildings.
Len Helms, founder, Golden Homes New Zealand