Foreman Aaron Darwick

Aaron has many years of varied commercial building experience. He maintains strong management of people. As an efficient multitasker, well organised, he's able to meet deadlines and work well under pressure. Aaron will show leadership in getting your project done to the standard we agreed for your project — not on his own, rather, working as a team player.

As your foreman, he will always be on hand to act as your intermediary between the various parties. Aaron's liaison aims to ensure that every element of your project is handled efficiently and to the highest standards — that all your needs are met.

When Aaron's not working on your projects you will find him with his family, boating and … he does consider himself a rum drinking expert.

In Bevan Words Always more than one Solution

His ideas are well thought out to my 'hair brain' ideas. By the time the client and I may be made aware of a problem, it is generally not a problem as he usually has the resolution sorted. Aaron is able to logically think through a process with the uncanny ability to visualise things in 3D.

Aaron runs a very tight ship, with many work-faces open at any one time. When unforeseen snags on-site occur, such as inclement weather or waiting for a council inspection, there are other tasks opened up and planned. He maximises output keeping the projects on track and on time. Aaron is extremely diligent and has an absolute grasp of risk management; an expert at taking all practical steps to ensure we have a safe site at all times and everyone goes home at the end of the day.





Aaron will have more than one solution to any issues that arise
Bevan Wood, Owner & Director, NZCCL