Never Compromised Safety

Health and Safety (H&S) guide our operations at all levels and it will never be compromised. On our sites, safety comes first because essentially it’s the most important thing we do. H&S isn’t a department at NZCCL — we care for people first.

NZCCL has an ongoing commitment to achieving the only acceptable goal of zero incidents through training, education, behaviour modification, and continual improvement. We take a proactive approach to safety which starts in the pre-construction phase and progresses to our site-specific plan.




Our passion for what we do and our desire for perfection drives us to ensure that production processes are safe for both employees and external collaborators.
Bevan Wood, 2018

It's the right thing to do We won't apologise for H&S

Our culture of safety begins with Bevan leading by example to embed a collaborative effort among all project team members and workers. 

People are Bevan's business — keeping them safe is crucial. He's committed to best practice on site, in the office and he wants 'his people' to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. The opportunity to spend quality time with families is paramount.








NZ's important H&S Laws Three reasons why

Meet Karen our H&S specialist

H&S is everyone’s responsibility. We specify high expectations for H&S from the first contact and reinforce these on-site or off-site with comprehensive on-going programmes of safety meetings, training, regular inspections, audits and reporting. Why's this important for you? 

  • Reputation for taking H&S seriously makes NZCCL desirable to work for,therefore impacting significantly on our ability to contract quality staff. For you, quality contractors result in premium builds
  • NZCCL's safe and healthy workplaces result in more productive and efficient work practices giving lower operating costs, reduced absenteeism to maintain your schedule as well as less contractor turnover from improved morale. This all ensures consistency, continuity and prevention of unnecessary delays
  • NZCCL's exemplary H&S record indicates a competitive edge as a key performance indicator (KPI) in the business of commercial construction. Our commitment to achieving this all-important competitive edge is our moral and ethical imperative to deliver transparent success to our clients











All contractors and suppliers comply We set the standard

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NZCCL buildings have always been designed and built in compliance with the most stringent safety standards and satisfy all of the environmental and other requirements stipulated by:

  1. Site Safe: Charter Accreditation with Tier 1 and Tier 2 Status, Site Safe Membership, SiteWise prequalification (Green)
  2. ACC: Tertiary Standard Accreditation for ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices
  3. Impac PREQUAL Contractor Pre-Qualification
  4. Business Leader’s Health & Safety Forum – a leadership organisation for CEOs from New Zealand’s leading companies
  5. Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter – signatory and strong involvement in initiatives such as fatigue management and drug and alcohol awareness and monitoring
  6. ANZ Contractor Accreditation Compliance
  7. Local Authority Contractor Pre-Qualification
  8. Signatory to a commitment by New Zealand’s major construction firms to standardise site H&S




Environmental decisions Sustainable

As a surfing enthusiast, Bevan has always been environmentally aware. With the prospect of rising sea levels and operating in a coastal peninsula, Bevan recognises the importance of researching and developing innovations that minimise environmental impact.
In 2019, the objective of designing eco-sustainable buildings has been transformed into reality. Over the next 10 years, NZCCL has confirmed its commitment to sustainability, introducing solutions at both engineering and operational level that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of our future generations. NZCCL will be transitioned to clean and sustainable growth, to prevent mounting damage from sea level rise and floods.

Talk H&S with Bevan

Why is H&S important for us both?

There are a wide variety of reasons why H&S is crucial:

  • It demonstrates that we are both socially responsible
  • It enhances and protects both our brand value and reputation
  • It increases the productivity for us both on your project
  • It enhances both our commitment to your project decreasing disruption and cost
  • It increases the contractors' competency levels which improves premium outcomes