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A commercial construction overview must cover expertise on

  • Practicality,
  • Future proofing and
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance factors


Especially if you’re brand new at this, you should build a relationship with your commercial construction contractor early on. Our experience will guide you through an often time-consuming, but extremely important part of the process, of taking your ideas and constructing something from them.


It's important, as a contractor, you can depend on us for trusted advice and a job well done—being on time and on budget. You’ll find yourself needing to turn to us for expert opinion all the time. You'll be glad when you don’t have to chase us down to do what we said we'd do for you in the first place. We openly expect you to get referrals. Read our testimonials. Pour over our portfolios. Learn about why and how we do what we do.


The goal is that once you’ve coupled up with us, your contractor, you don’t have to keep getting second and third and fourth opinions the whole way through. Think of all the time and energy removed from growing a deeper relationship with us.

Do you think you’ll have another commercial construction project down the line? Wouldn’t it be nice to work with someone who you already have a relationship with? We expect you to choose us for life like you would a long-term business partner. Such a decision shouldn't be taken lightly.





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Time versus choice is perhaps the biggest influencer when deciding which new build is right for you.

What type of building do you want? With more choice than ever, advanced engineering has become the great enabler. Our engineer knowing which direction is the best choice for your specific project is fundamental. Our expertise on practicality, future proofing and ensuring regulatory compliance are important factors. Choosing the right architect to interpret your brief is the key factor in a successful team.


A joy, from start to receiving your keys. Get inspired. Flex your imagination.

Each type of commercial construction project will offer different delivery times and levels of customisation.

full custom project, where every aspect is completely designed will naturally take the longest. Semi-custom is often an agreeable alternative, wherein you can customise the layout based on your individual needs and have a faster build time than a full custom.

No matter the project, NZCCL will provide you with the best architects and designers to make your commercial aspirations a reality. We offer a one-stop, full-service in every aspect of design and build from conception to delivery, working with the finest people and contractors around.




We provide analysis at the start of the project that will pay on your investment, in terms of resale value and lease revenue
Regan Simpson, Taurikura Partner Limited, 2018

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Our Design-Completion Promise

Our strong team and connected architects, technical specialists and engineers assure the highest regulatory standards are met at every stage without compromise. We will protect the value of your investment leaving you free to indulge your imagination and enjoy the build process.

Trials are an essential and thrilling phase in the development of a custom built property. They provide the designers, builders and technical team with an opportunity to fine-tune the building's systems, and to iron out any 'nagging' issues. Complex commercial construction comes with sizeable packages of warranty documentation. These are not only issued by NZCCL, but also cover every major component, system and item of equipment. We will ensure all the relevant guarantees are in place, extended where appropriate and enforced where necessary.
Bevan plays a key role in the sign-off stage, bringing his depth of technical insight to bear in both identifying and resolving any issues. His awareness of both contractual obligations and regulatory requirements ensures that nothing is missed, and your commercial property realises its complete potential. He won't hand over the keys until he's completely satisfied. It's his reputation that's on the line.






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Flexibility, creativity, determination and passion, combined with the courage to take responsibility and accept ever-changing challenges. Our architects, engineers, site foreman, designers, and individual craftsmen coupled with the finest builders with the best credentials create products to standards of quality that exceed the sum total of their individual points of excellence for you..

NZCCL is a company formed of people who can make valuable contributions to fine-tuning designs and production, without ever losing sight of their primary goal of satisfying investorsWe have the type of 'new build' experience in premium commercial building that can only come from years of working with the finest. We work closely with owners, investors and their family, ensuring that NZCCL acts as the management nucleus for the various 'best in class' elements necessary for a successful build. We provide leadership in the management of liabilities and in the optimisation of resources throughout the build.

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